Privacy Policy

Last updated 15 April 2018


Welcome to Framee! This policy explains how we at Framee Ltd (“Framee”) collect, process, use and disclose your information on the Framee service. As a team we are passionate about preserving the privacy of your communications with loved ones. And if you ever have any concerns about our privacy policies or actions, then please write to us at, and we’ll get right back to you.

Information we collect

Information you give us

When you sign up for Framee you need to provide some information in order for the service to work:

  • Your first name
  • The first name of family members with whom you’d like to share photographs
  • Your photographs
  • Any information you may provide when you contact us for customer support

That’s it. We don’t capture or store email addresses, phone numbers or credit card information because we don’t need or want to.

Information we gather from usage

While we have no interest in customers’ personal information, we have a lot of interest in how they use the service, so we can continue to improve. We collect the following information when you use Framee:

  • Details of how you use the service – for example, how many times you add a photograph each week.
  • Device log information is collected – for example, if our app has an issue or which device models are being used most by customers.
  • Country location information is gathered and kept on an aggregate level so we can see where customers are using Framee the most.

The above information is captured for each customer but is only stored and used by us in aggregate and anonymously.

Information collected by our partners
  • IP addresses are collected by our hosting partner, Google, so they can detect abuse. This is retained for a few months in an encrypted store.
  • A random ID created by our hosting partner, Google, is used to enable us to jointly identify your device to provide the service. We use this random ID so you don’t have to give us or our partners your phone number or email. It connect be directly linked to you personally. It is retained while you use the service.
  • Emails and conversations are collected by our partner, Zendesk, when you contact us for support queries, so that we have a way to communicate with you.

How we use the information we collect

We use the information above to provide the service and to understand our customers’ usage of it. We never sell customer information to any 3rd parties, nor do we use it to enable advertising on our own service.

The sharing of your information

We do not share your information for any marketing purposes. There are only a few situations where we may share your personal information:

To enable the service

In certain circumstances Framee may have contracts with third parties for infrastructure or services that enable us to deliver the Framee service to you. In those cases your first name, photographs and device information may be accessed by a third party. Their access will purely be in relation to providing the service – for example, hosting of content – and they do not have any other rights to your personal data. One of these services is Google Analytics, which is used to measure customer behaviour and preferences in Framee.

For legal reasons

We may share your personal information with law enforcement agencies in order to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request.

Information transfer

Your information may be stored and processed in multiple countries, including outside the United States.

Information security

We’re committed to making Framee a simple, beautiful and private way for loved ones to share. We work hard to protect our customers from any unauthorised access and:

  • We enable precautions – like enforcing the limits on access code attempts, to avoid people trying to guess someone‘s access code – to protect your content.
  • We don’t collect or hold you email address, phone number or credit card information through the use of the service.

Deleting your information

As Framee does not require you to create an account, if you’d ever like to leave the service you can simply delete any photographs you may have uploaded – via our app – and then delete the app and you will be forgotten.

If you contact us via our Support page or email address, we will retain a record of your name, email and conversation to enable us to help you better in future situations. Should you wish to have these conversations deleted forever, just let us know at Once your email and conversation are deleted, they can never be used to help you in the future.

If you’ve subscribed to Framee Plus via iOS or Android in-app payments, you will need to cancel these within the Apple App Store of the Google Play Store (in Settings), as we cannot access your subscriptions.

Changes to this policy

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time.  We will post any changes on this page, and if make any major changes we will alert you via push messages to the Framee app on your device.