Christmas gift for remote grandparents

Christmas gift for remote grandparents

Have parents or grandparents living far away? Do they have WiFi? If so, we’ve got a fun, wallet-friendly idea for a Christmas present: a photo frame that you can update with your phone, from anywhere.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Get a used tablet – with working Wifi and no marks on the screen – on a marketplace like eBay. We tend to only buy from sellers with 100% seller ratings, and we always message them before we bid to double-check that there are no marks on the screen. (Please be sure to get an iPad newer than the iPad 1 and Android tablets that support Android 4.1 or newer. We do not yet support the Amazon Fire).
  2. Get a simple tablet holder or stand. We’ve found new ones on eBay for a few dollars, but there are also crafted, stylish wood ones on Etsy.
  3.  Install the Framee app – from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store – on both your phone and the new tablet, then pair them following the super simple instructions in the Framee app (starting with the phone).
  4. Connect the tablet to the Wifi at your parents’ or grandparents’ house, if you’re there for the holiday. If not, you can talk them through how to connect to their Wifi, once they have the tablet. (Top tip: we always keep a photograph of the info sticker on the back of our parents’ routers, so we have their log-in credentials and model details handy).
  5. Wrap the tablet … with a bow 🙂

Have a question or suggestion on Framee as a Christmas present? Just email us at, and we’ll get right back to you!